Today, we are not forced to deal with the "shop" or local dealer in our neighborhood. With online solutions bringing our world closer together with enclosed transports and dedicated groups like BOLT Motorsports, it is now simple and affordable to use any auto group nationally that you feel comfortable with, coupled with the knowledge your investment is safely tucked away in enclosed transport. Whether you are buying a vehicle from us or sending your vehicle to BOLT Motorsports for performance solutions, we contract the experts to insure your vehicle arrives in the exact condition it left in. 

We Buy and Accept Trades 

It's a fact of life... trading or selling your vehicle can be a real mess. On one hand, you feel you know what it's worth, and on the other, someone is taking the risk of taking your vehicle off your hands and does not want to be left with a vehicle that is not worth what was expected. We'll work with you to get what you want out of your vehicle. You can start with a consignment to us and see what it will bring on the market, you can trade it in on your next vehicle with us affording you a tax break on your new vehicle, or we can purchase your vehicle from you assuming it fits our standards for our inventory. Let us custom design a solution for you.


We understand buying an exotic or a massive performance upgrade can be daunting. There are so many choices to select from... and you want your first choice to be the right choice. At BOLT Motorpsports, we will work with to sample a vehicle similar to the one on your "bucket-list", and allow you an opportunity to get behind the wheel. Call us to inquire on these opportunities. 


For many of us, leasing is a lifestyle. It affords benefits like convenience, definitive terms, tax benefits, and understanding exactly what your investment will be projected to be worth in a defined amount of time. We have seasoned experts in leasing at BOLT Motorsports that can walk you through your options. We have two to five year lease plans that cater to mileage and length of term. You will know exactly what you can purchase your vehicle for at the end of the term, or walk away from it and into something new. Leasing also affords your straight-line depreciation. It is worth your time to understand the benefits leasing can bring to you, and then be able to make an educated decision on the perfect transaction that satisfies your needs. 

Extended Warranty

We offer an array of customized solutions to protect your investment. Ranging from nationwide warranties and bumper to bumper coverages, to our custom built for client BOLT Warranty Solutions, we will keep you at your favorite place- on the road. Our performance solutions are low maintenance, but after the 2 year 24,000 mile warranty ends, you should consider purchasing extended protection. We have programs that include scheduled maintenance, enclosed vehicle transport to and from our facility, as well as classroom instruction on how to anticipate and understand the massive power delivery our performance solutions put to ground. BOLT Motorsports continues to be your one stop solution for all your vehicle needs.

Exotic Sports and Imports Sales

At BOLT Motorsports, our business is not centered around Auto Sales, Auto Sales is part of a customer solution. Any vehicle that is selected to be in our inventory is hand picked and geared toward the perfection you expect, and we demand for our customer and the endurance to support our performance solutions. You also don't need to settle on an inventory model at our group or any other dealership that is not what you want. Our vast global network allows us to hone into the exact vehicle that fits your needs and personality. Color, deviated stitching, hard to find options- this is our specialty. We will secure the vehicle for you, then put into place the way you want to purchase- cash, finance, or lease. 

Custom Sales and Leasing Programs           Personal and Fleet

"Stop Dreaming About it... Make it yours!"