Window Tint

Window tint is a necessity in Texas. Not only does it serve as a functional role in reducing cabin temperatures, tinted windows increase the comfort, safety, and privacy of the occupants while bestowing a more pleasing appearance on the vehicle. BOLT offers films by 3M, Madico and Llumar. Combined with our exceptional technical staff who who specialize in luxury and exotic applications, you can be sure that your pride and joy will receive the attention to detail that has made us famous. 

Basic Pricing


- Front Bumper Application


- Complete front end and Mirror Application


- Complete Vehicle Application 

Please Call for  Appointment for Custom Quote

* Some vehicles and SUV's require additional material. This will incur an additional material cost.



* Some vehicles and SUV's require additional material. This will incur an additional material cost.

"You can trust us with your investment..."

Paint Protection Film

As a full service facility, BOLT offers exceptional in-house solutions for Paint Protection Film and Window Tint. Employing only seasoned industry experts ensure that the results match the high caliber of vehicles we service. Utilizing only the best 3M products, BOLT is the company that Exotic Owners trust. 

3M paint protection film works invisibly to protect your investment. When expertly applied, applications last years without fading or peeling. We are one of few in the nation who still custom cut film for each application by hand, providing far superior seamless installation that could ever be achieved by machine cuts. Such Individual attention allows for additional precision such as full hood coverage, full fender application, or any panel desired... even the full car. Our 3M film service guarantees that your paint will look as good in years to come as it does today. 

Exotic Paint Protection Film, 

Window Tint, and Lens Clearcoat