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GOOD | Basic Wash & Vacuum | Approx. 1 Hour

- Hand Wash Exterior

- Hand Dry Exterior with Micro Fiber Towels

- Full Exterior Low Pressure Dense- Foam Application

- Microfiber Hand Agitation

- Vacuum of Interior

$15 Car | $20 SUV

BETTER | Enhanced Exterior | Approx. 1.5 Hours

- Includes "GOOD" Package - PLUS

- Tire and Wheel Dressing Application

- Window Application

$25 Car | $30 SUV

BEST | Basic DETAIL | Approx. 2 Hours

- Includes "BETTER" Package - PLUS

- Full Spray Wax Application and Wipe Down

- Leather Conditioner

- Dash Application

$35 Car | $40 SUV


$15/ hour for after First 2 Hours for customer requested additional Detailing ​​

  • Requested Carpet Despotting
  • Excessive Soil


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We know there is no margin for error...

Paint Correction

One wipe with dirty cloth, one pass through your local car wash, and your paint is likely in need of service. Like every other system in an automobile, paint requires care and maintenance to remain at its peak. The level you at which you insist your paint finish is cared for determines the frequency of service. Once restored to perfect condition, high quality detailing products and proper home care will help to extend the service intervals on the paint. We will establish a custom program to handle all your needs. BOLT uses cutting edge products we can make available for clients occasional home touch-ups.

Our team approaches paint repair in stages. Proper repair of a scratched or swirled finish requires at least a polish and sealant. More heavily scratched surfaces require two or even three stages of polish, plus a sealing layer and/ or wax. A basic grasp of the principles of paint damage helps one to understand the needs their individual car requires. BOLT offers a practical pricing structure to help quickly identify the cost of a particular service.

Exotic Car Pricing ( IN HOUSE)



- Wheels detailed including inner barrel

- High Pressure Pre- Rinse

- Full Exterior Low Pressure Dense-Foam Application

- Microfiber Hand Agitation

- Hand and Air-Blown Drying

- Full Interior Deep Cleaning

- All Windows Washed Inside and Out



- Includes Package 1

- Full Hand Cleaning of Undercarriage

- Additional Charge for Excessive Undercarriage Soiling

- Removal of Wheels 

- Full Detail of Wheel Well, Calipers, and Suspension



- Includes Package 1 and 2

- Full Bar Clay Surface Contamination Removal

- Two Stage Glaze and Sealant Application 

- Wax Substituted upon Request



- Package 2 Full Detailing (Required)

- Full Bar Clay Surface Cleansing

- 1 Layer Polish

- 1 Layer Glaze

- 2 Coats Sealant or Wax

- Complimentary Care Package

- Touch-up Spray, Microfibers, Info Packet 


- Additional Layers of Polish

- Swirl Removal 

- Final Finish

$100 (Per Additional Layer)

- Black Vehicles

$100 (Add)

- Mag Wheel Polishing

$100 (Add)

"You can trust us with your investment..."

Our Team

BOLT understands that confidence is important when entrusting your exotic or classic to a paint corrections specialist. There is no margin for error in this area, especially when considering the fragile and complex nature of the paints used on most exotics. Our technicians approach each project in a structured manner, assessing the paint condition, purpose even the application, in order to assemble a custom quote for each client. Working to fully inform the client of the process helps to build the trust required when handing over the keys to a car potentially worth more than most homes.

Our Cosmetics Team is second to none, having earned the trust of many local exotic, classic car dealerships, and private collectors alike. BOLT offers custom solutions for any paint condition, from in-house corrections on long neglected original paint to house calls on finishes that simply need a touch-up. Come observe in person the highest level of care and attention that could be lavished upon a car and see how we can reignite the love affair that originally brought you and your dream car together.